Introducing EnaUpload

We started this year with the aim of shipping at least three pieces of software. We’ve already launched EnaLog which helps businesses track their user activity in their applications. EnaLog is a moderate success I would say, MRR still sits at 0 but we have 2 years runway to cover hosting costs, we have users using it and reaching the free tier limits. All we need to do is upsell them and improve our marketing game. Easier said than done. The key thing is we’ve learnt a lot. We spent too much time perfecting small parts of EnaLog, we didn’t focus on marketing, and most importantly we didn’t have any sort of online prescence. With EnaUpload we’re doing the opposite of all these things.


EnaUpload is aiming to refresh the file upload experience for developers and no-code users. We want to make it easy for you to add file upload functionality into your applications without having to worry about storage, memory limits, security or serving those files.

The problem

Uploading files in a web application has a number of issues.

  1. Files should never hit the server - if you upload your files from the client to your server that file starts taking up disk space or memory on your server whilst you process it. If you’re not quite aware of how this is an issue, then just take my word it is. As a general rule of thumb you don’t want files going through your server as every single one that does has a risk of bringing it down to it’s knees.

  2. Backups - the moment you store files on your server, you will need to back them up. How do you do that? Honestly there is so many choices it becomes a nightmare to choose.

  3. Security - you’ve decided that storing images in the cloud is the best option, most providers call these ‘buckets’. But how do you secure your bucket? If you don’t secure it properly any could access it and start adding their own files, or deleting your files, or modifying them. So now you need to learn about cloud security. Another headache.

The solution

EnaUpload is the solution. We’ve spent the time learning about cloud security, buckets, infrastructure, etc so that you don’t have to. We’ve also built EnaUpload as an easy solution to allow you to upload files directly from your application without hitting your server. You will also instantly get a URL to access your upload which is cached and globally available.

EnaUpload solves a problem for us and we believe it can solve a problem for developers and businesses.

The Tech Stack

If you’re interested here is the tech we used to build EnaUpload:



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