My tech stack for 2023

I’ve been a full-time software engineer for over 4 years now, which places me somewhere in the scale of mid-level developer, I think. In that time I’ve used a number of different technologies, in terms of languages I’ve worked with PHP, Go, Python, and JavaScript. I’ve worked with frameworks such as Laravel, Flask and Vue.js. And in my spare time I’ve also spent a lot of time learning technologies that really interest me. I really like learning about Serverless technologies and emerging tech such as Astro.

The 2023 Stack

My tech stack of choice for 2023 is:

I’ve set myself a goal of building and launching six projects this year and the tech stack above is what I’ll be using for every project. At the end of the year I plan to write a summary of this tech stack, how it went for me and what I’ll be carrying on with into 2024.