Rebuilding with Astro and my 2023 goals

Welcome to what I think is the 6th version of my personal blog. I’m determined to make this the last one.


I’ve rebuilt this blog with Astro which I’ve never used before and wanted to try out. Honestly, it has been a delight and I love how easy it makes building a blog.

Some of the features of Astro that I love are:

I don’t want to make this an Astro tutorial so that is it for Astro in this post.

2023 Goals

I’ve never really set myself yearly goals so this year I’ve set myself a couple.

  1. Ship at least 6 projects. Ambitious but I plan to follow the motto of ship it and see what sticks this year
  2. Write at least 1 blog post per week. That means if there isn’t 52 posts on this blog by the end of the year then I’ve failed
  3. Learn more about business, finance and marketing. I want to ship projects that succeed and that requires a lot more than a fast API and sleek UI.